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Lemmy and Slash Statues Campaign reignited!

Reigniting the Lemmy and Slash Statues Campaign

Hi 5 Years ago I started a campaign to get statues of Lemmy and Slash built in Stoke-on-Trent. That campaign gained traction and was noticed by national newspapers and many international blogs and news sites, I attended council meetings pitching the positive roles these musicians have had on the world and continued influence and suggested these icons be celebrated in their home towns.

Since then I’ve had the honour of meeting both Lemmy and Slash after their concerts in the UK, Slash even came to Stoke-on-Trent for his amazing concert “Made In Stoke” which was recorded and released on CD, DVD and BluRay.

Stoke-on-Trent is well underway into it’s refurbishments and redevelopment of the city centre and has seen a big increase in it’s arts and culture sectors, sadly with Lemmys passing it only seems more fitting we push for this monument now. I was on BBC Midlands Today promoting the idea once again stating their continued inspirational influence and that it would be an honour and increase tourism to the area and be a welcome addition to the growing arts culture in the area.

Lemmy and Slash are also much loved and celebrated state side as well which is why this campaign now wants to celebrate with the USA too, we’ll be producing identical statues for the Sunset Strip in LA and Stoke-on-Trent, truly showing the international appeal and links for these two icons.

Since launching the Kickstarter we’ve already received £1,956 and growing with some amazing backers pledging thanks to everyone so far but we need more for these dual statues to be built


Please if you can, help us out and I hope to rock out with you soon!

Live LOUD!

You can download our press release here

Visit the Facebook page here

Free Moo Business cards and Stickers

I just placed my 2nd order for 100 Moo Business cards this time adding 50 stickers to my order, I’ll be using them as return address labels for any post and parcels I send out, I think they’re pretty funky looking. I also updated my thumbnails to reflect my latest public animation for Bin-The-L-Plates.



Best of all I only had to pay the postage! Thanks to my youtube video review of the Moo sample pack and my £10 off first order referral link ( they’ve more than paid for themselves in MOOlah (store credit)

I think they look pretty funky. I’ll be updating the thumbnail banners on here and the social media sites at some point too. 🙂 I’ll keep my eye out for funky moo merchandise and accessories, currently their notebooks are all lined otherwise I’d purchase a nice notebook, Their colour splash surprise envelopes do look very cool though!

Jungle Tails Concept Models

Hello! Long time no blog post!

I’ve been busy working with a local author on turning her creative childrens book, Jungle Tails, into a short animation. After some scripts and storyboards and designs I’ve reached the concept model stage now, so I have something nice to share with you guys.

These models help establish a scale between all the characters (which is 1/20th their real life animal counterpart size, except the pixie frog he’d be a bit too small at that scale, so he’s a bit larger)

So we have a giraffe, an african elephant (females have tusks too), an ape (based on a chimpanzee), a shoebill bird, an aardvark, a pixie frog and finally a snake.

So enough talk, here’s the photos.

Painting the Jabberwocky Mask

Beware the Jabberwock!

I’ve finished the Jabberwocky mask I’ve been making and have painted it now.
Updated wordpress and saw it had some new WYSIWIG gallery stuff added so thought I’d try that out too.

Here’s a photo gallery of the progress of the Jabberwocky Mask build

Moo business card review

Update: I’ve ordered myself some matte business cards
If you fancy placing an order you can use my link to get £10 off for new customers, and I get a little thanks too.

In my last post I mentioned I had ordered a sample pack from I had some interest for a review and even more so for the Luxe cards.
So I dusted off my camcorder, mounted it on a tripod and got filming, many hours of encoding and uploading later I present my attempt at reviewing my sample packs from moo.

A new graphic design

Today I’ve been working on puppet clothes and website social network graphic design, after some designs in my sketchbook I switched to photoshop, some font trials, tweaking and pushing later I have a style I’m happy with that I hope comes across as smart and looks equally good across all media, as this will be on my new CV resume, letters and business cards etc.

Clear text, sprinkle of style and a cheeky peek

Clear text, sprinkle of style and a cheeky peek

I’ve ordered free standard and luxe sample packs from to see which of their card styles I like, I’ve heard great things about their card quality, presentation, price and service, I’ve also liked a fair few cards I’ve been given that I’ve been told have been printed with Moo so we’ll see if I like them enough to place an order. I’ll write my experiences here.

I’ve not played about with my twitter background yet, but have decided to change my header image to a still from a recent animation, as I think that seems more appealing than my name plastered over the page more than it is.

Anyway you can see my new theme styles on this very website, my youtube, facebook page and soon Google+ as well as watermarks and credit title sequences on any media I might post here 🙂

What do you think? Get in touch, like, share and leave some comments.

I’ll start sharing some production photos soon of the Bin The L Plates project, like latex hand moulds and tiny puppet clothes, interesting curiosities!

Update: I’ve added some thumbnails to the designs now, some (like Youtube and Google+) will only show if on an extended sized display (eg a youtube smart tv application or something like that) I believe this will instantly give people an idea of my work and brings a splash of colour. I’ve also made my Twitter background which looks nice at both 150% and 100% sizes.