A new graphic design

Today I’ve been working on puppet clothes and website social network graphic design, after some designs in my sketchbook I switched to photoshop, some font trials, tweaking and pushing later I have a style I’m happy with that I hope comes across as smart and looks equally good across all media, as this will be on my new CV resume, letters and business cards etc.

Clear text, sprinkle of style and a cheeky peek

Clear text, sprinkle of style and a cheeky peek

I’ve ordered free standard and luxe sample packs from Moo.com to see which of their card styles I like, I’ve heard great things about their card quality, presentation, price and service, I’ve also liked a fair few cards I’ve been given that I’ve been told have been printed with Moo so we’ll see if I like them enough to place an order. I’ll write my experiences here.

I’ve not played about with my twitter background yet, but have decided to change my header image to a still from a recent animation, as I think that seems more appealing than my name plastered over the page more than it is.

Anyway you can see my new theme styles on this very website, my youtube, facebook page and soon Google+ as well as watermarks and credit title sequences on any media I might post here 🙂

What do you think? Get in touch, like, share and leave some comments.

I’ll start sharing some production photos soon of the Bin The L Plates project, like latex hand moulds and tiny puppet clothes, interesting curiosities!

Update: I’ve added some thumbnails to the designs now, some (like Youtube and Google+) will only show if on an extended sized display (eg a youtube smart tv application or something like that) I believe this will instantly give people an idea of my work and brings a splash of colour. I’ve also made my Twitter background which looks nice at both 150% and 100% sizes.

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