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Jabberwocky Mask ‘final’

Beware the Jabberwock!

following on from my previous post where I painted the mask I present a video, much like the first one except now fully painted and detailed.

I think I’ve completed the Jabberwocky mask for the Alice in Wonderland party I’ll be going to.

I’ll be making a tail and finishing off my wings now.

I’ll be wearing a cheap green T-shirt and attaching the wings to the t-shirt somehow.

Not sure what to do about hands and feet yet….

Painting the Jabberwocky Mask

Beware the Jabberwock!

I’ve finished the Jabberwocky mask I’ve been making and have painted it now.
Updated wordpress and saw it had some new WYSIWIG gallery stuff added so thought I’d try that out too.

Here’s a photo gallery of the progress of the Jabberwocky Mask build

Great silicone hands tutorial

I just found this brilliant blog with amazing tutorials for model making and set building. I find making liquid latex hands a bit of a long chore and struggle to make sometimes and would like to learn silicone. Below is a link to David Neats technique, excellently explained and detailed with plenty of photos too.

David Neats Blog

I think I’ll be purchasing some Lego and recommended silicone products soon!