Nile Plumb’s Animated Ice Bucket Challenge!

Here’s my Ice Bucket Challenge Video, done a little differently and more in my style. ANIMATED!

Enjoy and please donate to charity where you can.

The puppet as you can probably tell is print outs stuck to an armature body. The water is cling film. Replacement faces were used, and a two part bucket so the water can pour out from inside.
I also make my arms + bucket swap sides of the armature as it raises it’s arms.

If you wanted to do something like this yourselves I’d recommend printing/sticking printout onto a stiff card/paper to reduce scuffing and crumpling. There are good examples of this ‘2D model’ style in short stop motion films online

Project pages now have videos

I noticed from my site statistics that a few people had tried to find out more details about the projects I’ve worked on. Unfortunately I had no content on those pages yet!

However to temporarily rectify this I’ve now embedded the videos of each project on it’s relative page and created a quick list on the projects overview page, hopefully one day I’ll add more content and information to each project page and improve the projects overview page with a better design with thumbnails of each project.

Till next time!

Free Moo Business cards and Stickers

I just placed my 2nd order for 100 Moo Business cards this time adding 50 stickers to my order, I’ll be using them as return address labels for any post and parcels I send out, I think they’re pretty funky looking. I also updated my thumbnails to reflect my latest public animation for Bin-The-L-Plates.



Best of all I only had to pay the postage! Thanks to my youtube video review of the Moo sample pack and my £10 off first order referral link ( they’ve more than paid for themselves in MOOlah (store credit)

I think they look pretty funky. I’ll be updating the thumbnail banners on here and the social media sites at some point too. 🙂 I’ll keep my eye out for funky moo merchandise and accessories, currently their notebooks are all lined otherwise I’d purchase a nice notebook, Their colour splash surprise envelopes do look very cool though!

Jungle Tails Concept Models

Hello! Long time no blog post!

I’ve been busy working with a local author on turning her creative childrens book, Jungle Tails, into a short animation. After some scripts and storyboards and designs I’ve reached the concept model stage now, so I have something nice to share with you guys.

These models help establish a scale between all the characters (which is 1/20th their real life animal counterpart size, except the pixie frog he’d be a bit too small at that scale, so he’s a bit larger)

So we have a giraffe, an african elephant (females have tusks too), an ape (based on a chimpanzee), a shoebill bird, an aardvark, a pixie frog and finally a snake.

So enough talk, here’s the photos.

Jabberwocky Mask ‘final’

Beware the Jabberwock!

following on from my previous post where I painted the mask I present a video, much like the first one except now fully painted and detailed.

I think I’ve completed the Jabberwocky mask for the Alice in Wonderland party I’ll be going to.

I’ll be making a tail and finishing off my wings now.

I’ll be wearing a cheap green T-shirt and attaching the wings to the t-shirt somehow.

Not sure what to do about hands and feet yet….

Painting the Jabberwocky Mask

Beware the Jabberwock!

I’ve finished the Jabberwocky mask I’ve been making and have painted it now.
Updated wordpress and saw it had some new WYSIWIG gallery stuff added so thought I’d try that out too.

Here’s a photo gallery of the progress of the Jabberwocky Mask build

Great silicone hands tutorial

I just found this brilliant blog with amazing tutorials for model making and set building. I find making liquid latex hands a bit of a long chore and struggle to make sometimes and would like to learn silicone. Below is a link to David Neats technique, excellently explained and detailed with plenty of photos too.

David Neats Blog

I think I’ll be purchasing some Lego and recommended silicone products soon!