Now YouTube monetization approved

I’ve played about with some old email accounts linked to gmail and Adsense (would you know i had £20 in ad money in a google account from 2004… Can’t withdraw till £60) and this freed up some access rights and restrictions, updated terms and conditions agreements etc enough for me to be eligible to make money from adverts ever displayed alongside my YouTube videos.

So i went through the settings of my YouTube uploads adding the monetize option to all uploads i have creative rights to which basically knocks out any music videos i made back in college and any game, tv or film clips. Though i was able to link one or two to make money from, i opted not to just because I know I do not.

I’d probably take home something like 1p or less per ad view, if ads are ever displayed by my videos and haven’t been bypassed or blocked by the viewer.

So if you’re ever watching one of my animations or anything i produce & a little ad is shown, please put up with it I’ll get a penny in the tip jar eventually :-p

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