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Computer fixed, bring on the graphics!

Sometime last year my nvidia gtx 470 graphics card kept crashing, rebooting and leaving artefacts on screen. Apart from an enquiry email regarding returning it, of which i could, i just put up with it’s decline till February where i put it in for a replacement unit whilst i was abroad.
Thankfully after a good round cycle ride the unit is back in my computer fully working pumping away happily, I’ll be adding an arctic cooler twin turbo II to my computer soon as i believe heat was really the main issue in it’s demise.

So what does this mean? Well it now means i have my main media machine back in operation now, and I can finally work on a nice new design for my CV, business cards and this website, uniting them with a concurrent style throughout.
As well as being able to edit my media files to get some animations produced, mustn’t forget that!