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Jabberwocky Mask ‘final’

Beware the Jabberwock!

following on from my previous post where I painted the mask I present a video, much like the first one except now fully painted and detailed.

I think I’ve completed the Jabberwocky mask for the Alice in Wonderland party I’ll be going to.

I’ll be making a tail and finishing off my wings now.

I’ll be wearing a cheap green T-shirt and attaching the wings to the t-shirt somehow.

Not sure what to do about hands and feet yet….

Building a custom home made chroma key green screen.

I decided, to build a green screen wall for chroma key backgrounds in my animations, looking at originally using pieces of card, however that added up as more costly in the long run and I wanted a more permanent solution, that wouldn’t require extra storage.

This build has cost me £53.58 in total for 4 hard board sheets, 2 tubs of paint and a paint roller all from the hardware store B&Q.

I’ve been making small video diaries showing the progress so I’ll put these below along with pictures.









and finally a test


I reckon with some lighting and care this will turn out to be very useful asset to my studio.

Still needs some tweaking, the filler between the boards didn’t work very well and has cracked in the heat the UK has had this week. So I have repainted the joins with a 50:50 latex blend of the green, however this has dried a lot darker than the other paint for some reason, so could probably do with another coat of paint on top of everything again to better ensure a closer colour tone.